Awakened Practices

Awakened Practices.JPG

Above, is the summary graphic of what we call Awakened Practices feedback methodology which engines the Awakened Practices Framework. This feedback methodology constitutes the Threefold Practices of Gotama (the Historical Buddha) with Scientific Practices which is connected by Otto Scharmer's Theory of U. While, it updates the Dharma practice for the 21st century, it adds a wisdom dimension to scientific application. Our hope is that technological progress will have a triple-bottom-line harmony that promotes authentic life-flourishing in the world. Where outer advancement walks, lock step, with inner advancement. Hence, it is a conversation between science and wisdom which can beckon a 2nd enlightenment or awakening period in our world. We feel this method could become the engine of change bringing us scientific practices 2.0. and usher the next paradigm. Presently, I am uploading the video lectures here and you can watch them to deepen your understanding of the engine for the new coming age of awakening.

The Central Park Sutta

If you have not read the Central Park Sutta already, read a thought-experiment of what Gotama (the historical Buddha) would say if he lived during our time. This is the main summary text that one can use to begin practicing the Awakened Path with The Three Practices and the Awakened Practice graphic above on this site.