NextParadigm Workshop

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This two hour workshop aspires more than just facilitating a well-functioning workspace. The NextParadigm workshop explores conscious workplace engagement by employing faciliation activities as well as mindfulness practices. Currently, we are operating in the Upstate New York area.

At the workshop, we wish to:

  • impart practical activities and tips to bring more mindfulness and focus during the workday and life

  • faciliate a journey with your team and generate relevant breakthrough ideas to current company issues

  • experiential support the connect between a positive & engaged work culture and quality service

  • Bonus free implementation: Check out our Awakened Dynamics offering!

Program for the Day


Ice Breaker 5    Minutes

Qigong        5   Minutes

Meditation   5   Minutes

Facilitation 90 Minutes

Feedback    5 Minutes


Free First Session!     

Next Sessions: ($35 per hour)

Over 70 practices to choose.

Customizable  your hour to your needs.

For more information please call: 1 (518) 805 7567 or email us at

Teacher, mentor, facilitator of interdisciplinary scientific practice, Dathane Turner is the founder of NextParadigm. Pioneer of the Scientific Practice 2.0, he wishes create a hub of intersecting practices which deepens and evolves our present era of scientific enlightenment. He employ practices such as the scientific Business modality of the Reis Startup approach, Scharmer’s Presencing practices, Liberating Structures, positive psychology, traits psychology, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and energy practices. He aspires to transform the world of business into a wiser, loving, and therefore, more profitable endeavor.

He graduated from West Chester University majoring in Liberal Arts and earned an online M.A. degree in Psychology with an interest in Positive Psychology at the Walden University. In addition, he earned his M.A. in Won Buddhist Studies at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA