Speaking Events


Paradigm change is Dathane's passion and joy! After attaining his first master's degree in psychology, he began his second master's degree training in the Won Buddhism in which their central pursuit is the application of contemplative practice in everyday life as well as becoming a socially-engaged force in the world. Dathane has talked at places such as the Salisbury school in Connecticut, interfaith conferences, Healthcare symposiums. You will find that he has a passionate and thought-provoking style and with over 9 years of speaking experience, he plans to change the world with the introduction of the Awakened Method practice which he personally developed. Additionally, organizational culture is another passion that he wishes convey to professionals who wish to move into their own business endeavors. To cultivated more depth and authenticity in corporate culture, he speaks on the radical "bottom-up" approach. Starting first with individual life purpose and development of the tribe members then moving to creating what he calls a mastermind-tribe dynamic that establishes its own foundation of purpose and values that bond the tribe together, this becomes the foundation for an organization to arise. Learn more about the awakened method and mastermind tribe practice!