S.O.A.R.R. Practice

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SOARR & Voice-dialogue Dharma

S.O.A.R.R. is a wisdom cultivating practice which can use to gain greater understanding of one’s inner mental landscape and its effect on your behavior. This is done by exploring voice dialogue and internal family systems modalities with Dharma practices.

We employ two methods. One is SOARR journaling for indepth investigation. The second is the mindmapping practice as a way to ever-reveal and clarify your psychological landscape. Together, they provide a comprehensive and focused exploration of your freedom and wisdom practice.

S.O.A.R.R. operationlizes:

  • cultivating an investigative (rather than reactionary) state of mind

  • using the body as an instrument of learning and growth

  • gaining greater understanding and knowledge of one’s emotional life

  • dialoguing and disidentifying from inner agencies and habit patternings

  • employing proactive measures to restore balance in life

  • cultivate higher expressions of positivity

  • using life challenges as opporunities towards self-learning and self-mastery