Our Coaching Model

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We wanted to be clear, from the beginning, that #NextParadigm does not employ the religious model. Our awakened practices approach is not a faith-based practice, but a comprehensive tool for emperical implementation and validation on how to navigate reality more skillfully. We feel the religious model does not respect, for example, the original intention of the Buddha's teachings. The Buddha was more of a coach for he wished for his adherents to learn about how reality works and to respond to that learning with skillfullness rather than merely accept his words as statements of truth to be believed. For adherents to come and see (ehipassiko) for themselves not to come and believe his teachings. The coaching model orients us to be passengers on the client's journey of life. For the Dharma and scientific practice to be both the indicators of the path and informers of wise choices. These practices are wise advisors rather than hard rules to be followed. Foremost, from scientists and business executives to life practitioners, we assist in helping our client's visions, goals, wants, and desires to be achieved wisely. We do this through co-creating with our clients and professionals rather dictating to them. This is our deep aspiration.