The Gatherings

Science - Art - Dharma

Locations, Dates and Times to be announced.

The Gatherings occur once a month and these are imagination and collobration sessions where we explore how science, art, and the Buddhist wisdom come together to offer solutions to our present problems. These are opporunities to listen and collaborate with experts in their respective industries to see what interdisciplinary solutions and applications may be unveiled as a collective group. We pull from integral theory to help us organize various tips, knowledges and perspectives seeing how they may relate to each other holistically. Housing such organization under the roof of a Buddhist consideration, the direction leans to increase (in an artistically and scientifically informed way) wisdom and compassion in the world

Topics will be gathered by the local community of Upstate New York and we will explore them throughout the year. We will engage in various collaborative meeting practices to harness the collective wisdom of the group to see what innovative insights may emerge. This is an evening to explore solutions for life and society rather than merely, complaining about its problems. To think creatively about what it means to act from the next paradigm.

The Gathering Meeting format below:

Qi Gong/Yoga

Short Meditation

Speakers Presentation

Fishbowl Discussion

Group Game

Small Breakout Group Collaboration

Sharing & Conclusion

Optional: Kirtan