Mahasati Tai Chi Class

Location and Starting Date of Class: To Be Announced

Mahasati Chi is a practice which combined the Dharma of Buddhism with the energy cultivation practice of Tai Chi employing the voice dialogue as a way to unveil the threshold into pure awareness itself. This is a innovative way for eastern wisdom to meet western insight to navigate more skillfully what we mean by freedom and harmony of life. Maha means "great" Sati "means awareness. Chi is from inner martial art called Tai Chi Chuan. Tai means “Supreme Ultimate” and Chi "Energy” and Chuan means “Boxing”. Hence, Mahasati Chi explores how one can dwell in pure awareness amidst inner and outer turmoils and issues to cultivate this dynamic energy as an expression that unveils pure reality itself.

Therefore, the central purpose of the class is foster inner harmony through experiential acceptance and dis-identification. The format of the class constitutes exploring the mindfulness foundations of Body, Sensations, Energy, Mind and Dharma using the 10 yang Tai Chi form as a vehicle for this exploration. Classes are broken into levels, beginner, Intermediate and advance and we will engage the same 10 yang form Tai Chi practice at these deeper levels of practice. In the beginners class, we are focusing on the becoming familiar with the postures. In the intermediate class, we are now incorporating breath with movement as we feel how energy is cultivated. In the intermediate class, we will also engage in some voice dialogue to cultivate the mental settling into pure awareness itself which opens the door to feel physically pure reality during the Tai Chi Practice. Lastly, at the advance level practice of practice, we will begin to engage more in the energy practice of Tai Chi as we explore deeper expressions and dis-identifications from these inner psychic programs, delving deeper into chi sensations as way to dissolve into pure reality itself. These final levels become a way to undergo increased harmony and well-being by addressing the conflicts within while expanding beyond the physical body and move to feeling energy dynamic itself, the same energy that engines the universe.

Three Levels of Practice

Beginners Level Class


Body & Sensations Awareness


Intermeditate Level Class

(Voice Dialogue)

Mind Object Awareness

Focus: Breath & Movement Coordination

Advance Level Class

(Higher Expressions)

Dharma Awareness

Focus: Energy Direction


Week#1 Introducing Ourselves.

Overview of the Course

Week #1 Commencing

Week #2 Reverse Wheeling Forearm

Week #3 Brush Knee

Week #4 Fair Maiden Looks in the mirror (left/right)

Week #5 Wave Hands Like Clouds

Week #6 Golden Cockerel

Week#7 Heel Kick

Week#8 Grasps the Sparrows Tail (ward off/roll back)

Week#9 Grasps the Sparrows Tail (press/and push)

Week 10 Grasps the tigers Tail

Send application to

Dathane Turner

2085 Payne Rd,

Castleton-On-Hudson, NY 12033