Inner Harmony Retreat

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The Inner Harmony Retreat explore an innovative contemplative practice called voice-dialogue dharma which comprises of exploring various psychological/ karmic patterning (these inner self bubbles like fear, the controller, and the inner child) through dialogue. This is an innovative practice to bring awareness to various parts of our self that may have controlled and coordinated our lives unknowingly. Through the voice dialogue, we peel away these constructed patternings to reveal and rest in pure awareness itself or what the Buddha calls the luminous mind. It is this awareness which experiences before thoughts and emotions arise. This luminous mind is the foundation of disenchantment, release, and freedom for the Buddha.

This voice-dialogue dharma is a way of honoring these different selves including, those exiled aspects within our psychic landscape while dis-identifying from them as core aspects of our being. During the retreat, fostering this pure awareness, we will engage in pure awareness yoga and qi gong practice to prepare us for pure reality meditation. Pure reality meditation comprises of dwelling comfortably in pure presence itself while honoring these inner psychic iinfluencers cultivating a clear, compassionate, non-reactive response with them. This is the true intention of pure reality meditation on the cushion and in daily life. Meditation is not merely a practice of becoming relaxed, but also a practice of empowering oneself by resting in the luminosity of being present to what you are doing, in the here and now, so one may see clearly and act clearly and lovingly with the world.

As we have seen in the Buddhist traditions in our recent history alone, some well-known buddhist teachers have unfortunately dissociate and compartmentalized their unconscious conflicts and issues in the name of nonattachment. This has resulted in various scandals from prominent Buddhist teachers. This practice hopes to resolve the tendency of using the Dharma as a spiritual bypassing tool by acknowledging these inner exiled mara-aspects of ourselves so we can address them wisely and navigate with them in life. While becoming disenchanted by their push for us to be reactive and control our lives, tasting the pure reality of freedom itself, we will conclude the retreat with buddhist-inspired kirtan to celebrate this liberating space that the Buddha and other sages taught as our birthright towards complete freedom and well-being.

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