Our Mission 



Why we exist? We want to usher the second age of enlightenment. We want to facilitate with others and give birth to the next paradigm.


NextParadigm Architecture.jpg

How we will do this?

By exploring, implementing, and discussing what we are calling the Awakened Practices feedback methodology. Scientific Methods 2.0

We propose that we need to update how we come to know and navigate our reality that is wiser and more skillful for this age of tommorrow.


What do we do?

  • We offer Awakened practices coaching for professionals who aspire to implement this methods to their professional practices as well as empower clients towards higher and wiser expressions of life purpose and living.

  • Also, we faciliate SOARR workshops to inspire the cognitive, emotions, and body towards personal liberation and world cooperation.

  • In addition, we faciliate mastermind groups called NextParadigm circles online and in-person that explore knowledges, strategies and skillsets towards a more conscious business paradigm.