Our Mission 



Why We Exist? We want to usher the second Age of Enlightenment by promoting a wiser tommorrow.



How we will do this? We are employing a paradigm-shifting methodology that becomes light for attracting innovative strategies, practices and solutions into one superior collaborative experience.


What do we do? We offer Awakened practices coaching for professionals who aspire to implement this methodology to their professional practices. We offer Awakened life coaching to empower clients towards higher and Dharmically wiser expressions of life purpose and living. We faciliate SOARR Sundays as a collective gathering of practitioners to inspire the mind, emotions, and body towards personal liberation. In addition, we faciliate mastermind groups called NextParadigm circles online and in-person that explore knowledges, strategies and skillsets towards a more conscious business paradigm. And lastly, we offer Awakened Dynamic workshops which explores a cutting-edge decentralized liberating governance practice and have students become partners to coordinate and host upcoming collaborative events with local residents & SOARR Practitioners.


We wish to usher the next paradigm for the coming world. A second enlightenment period which inspires a new way of navigating our world in a more skillful and compassionate way. Just as the first enlightenment ushered in the age of reason and experimentation, the second enlightenment ushers the age of outer flourishing as well as inner flourishing. We wish to usher the age of science and wisdom and create a network of organizations operating together under the umbrella of Awakened dynamics creating an organized conscious collective to be a powerful antidote for the disharmony and suffering in our world.

Our Influences

We feel that we need to compliment the scientific method that historically shifted (and shifts) our understanding our outer reality with the threefold method of Gotama (the historical buddha) that allows us to gain freedom and mastery how our inner reality. Connected together, we advocate a new symbotic method of practice illustrating how both methods assist each other towards human flourishing. With such a practice, we hope to be a resource for this new kind of life and practice and faciliate supportive groups which may blossom into positive impact organizations. Directly utilizing  the teachings of the Buddha and Otter Scharmer's Theory of U Practice with other cutting-edge thinkers, such as John Mackey, Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Chung-bin Park (Sotaesan), Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless, Brene Brown, Brian Robertson and others, join the society to bring about the next paradigm.